Mission Statement


An employee owned company dedicated to providing Cadastral and other Surveys to

Government Agencies in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Function Steatements

Expertly retrace the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), the world’s largest Cadastral Survey, using the latest technologies of GNSS and GIS along with historical records and according to the appropriate BLM Manual of Survey Instructions.


Perform PLSS and non-PLSS Surveys as required by Government Agencies for Public Land Projects in a timely manner by committing adequate resources to the projects.


Provide specialized training, tools and support to all employees to insure quality work consistent with company goals.


Utilize Quality Control methods that insure precision of measurement and accuracy of procedure adhering to State and Federal Survey Standards, Boundary Law and PLSS procedures.


Provide tools to Government Officials that allow them to monitor Quality, Quantity and all other aspects of the projects in real-time on a convenient web based platform.

Prepare quality plats, maps, calculations and reports for every project that meet or exceed contract requirements.